3 Fun and Smart Alternatives for Screen Time

Although parents are well aware of the harm that excessive gadget use could cause their kids, it just seems convenient… Read More

3 Fun and Smart Alternatives for Screen Time

Which option is better?

3 Fun and Smart Alternatives for Screen Time

Although parents are well aware of the harm that excessive gadget use could cause their kids, it just seems convenient and trendy these days to hand children phones and tablets to keep them occupied. With parents’ busy schedule or of them spending too much time on the screen themselves, screens have become the go-to multifunctional device for children – it is their toy, their TV, their storybook, and their communication device. Seriously though, what could parents have their children play with if not these gadgets? If only they know what other things they could do, then perhaps they would do that instead. Childcare in Statesboro, Georgia like Kidovations Educational Experience has interesting ideas on how to keep your child busy, continuously learning, and happy through a few exciting and bright alternatives.

The Good Old Puzzle

This is nothing new but many adults perhaps have just forgotten how much puzzles can keep kids’ minds occupied, sharp, and challenged, and how the rewarding feeling and excitement builds up as they progress in putting all the pieces together. Puzzles come in many forms and sizes – Rubik’s cube, jigsaw, sudoku, woodblocks, word search, crosswords, etc. You may not be able to bring jigsaw pictures around everywhere but the rest of the other kinds of puzzles are mobile – just like phones and tablets. So why don’t parents have their children carry a Rubik’s cube around wherever they go, and for sure instead of their brain and eyes degenerating from screen exposure, their problem-solving skills, logic, and memory would be enhanced. Childcare center in Georgia has good selections of brain-teasing games.

Actual Books

Many children learn fairytales and children’s stories through the internet. It may sound like a good idea but a good wholesome video can lead to another not so family-friendly ones. Children have a very high chance of being exposed to images and videos that you would rather not have them see. To be safe and for better brain functioning, have your children hold a real book. Even when they will write or color on it, it is better than blankly staring at the screen. Get them a coloring book, a pop-up one, a drawing book, stories, and so on. Preschool in Georgia keeps a wide variety of helpful books for the children.

Action Figures, Dolls, and other Classic Toys

Perhaps parents nowadays used to have a lot of toys back when they were little. These days, kids would be playing with virtual pets or playing make-up and hairstyling on a virtual model. Different areas of their brains work when they actually hold a doll in hand. Their sense of sight, smell, and touch would be used. Their creativity and imagination as they role play with their toys are good for their minds and feelings as well. The words, the scenarios, and the responses that they come up themselves as they play are way better than tapping on limited options in an app.

There is no need to look so far for inspirations of what to give your kids instead of a mobile phone or a tablet. Simply take a look back to your fun childhood and you will find your answers there.