Does Too Much Screen Time Lead to Alzheimer’s?

Things have changed, apparently. Parents know too well how different their own childhood used to be from their children’s childhood… Read More

Does Too Much Screen Time Lead to Alzheimer’s?

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Does Too Much Screen Time Lead to Alzheimer’s

Things have changed, apparently. Parents know too well how different their own childhood used to be from their children’s childhood these days. In the previous generations, they can find groups of youngsters in the yard, in the streets, in playgrounds, and in pools actively playing, running around, inventing toys and games, role-playing, and having fun. Today, kids lock themselves indoors or the ones that people can see in public are all the same, just looking down on their phones and tablets. There is barely a need for the kids to use their own imagination and creativity because the apps, the games, the videos they engage in do all these instead. As a provider of child care in Statesboro Georgia like Kidovations Educational Experience is sensitive to this matter and is keen on keeping the kids’ minds and bodies sharp and active.

  • Brain Damage

    Brain damage is something people would think of as rare and severe, something that won’t happen to anyone close to them, especially their kids, and something that screen time wouldn’t cause or contribute to. The truth is, excessive hours of screen time creates damage to the brain. Many of these children tend to be reckless, irritable, and have the inability to focus. Their sensory motors and their nervous system are affected by the long hours of staring at the screen. That is why Childcare center in Georgia see to it that their method of teaching and taking care of kids are well-rounded. They strive to help kids get refreshed from too much gadget use.

  • Addiction

    When kids or anybody at any age play video games, the brain releases dopamine which makes the players feel a certain high. This good feeling can be addictive and causes the players to going back to playing again and again. When kids are constantly exposed to gadgets every day of their lives and for long hours, they are at risk of developing an addiction to the screen.

  • Alzheimer’s

    So do the brain damage and addiction cause Alzheimer’s in the future to these children? Since the cause of Alzheimer’s is yet to be fully understood by health professionals, there are common factors to those that have it. Those are brain shrinkage, depression, and inactive lifestyle among others. Children who spend too much screen time have high inclination to experience these three. As too much screen exposure damages the brain, it messes up with the brain’s structure which could lead to a decrease in size and functioning and most likely dementia. If they spend too much screen time and personally socializing with others, they could most likely develop anxiety and depression. Spending too much time on gadgets also sway them from an active lifestyle of sports and exercise. Preschool in Georgia makes sure that children get to exercise both their minds and bodies in order to avoid diseases.

Does too much screen time lead to Alzheimer’s? Like many others of the suspected causes of this dementia, screen time can indirectly cause Alzheimer’s. However, whether screen time causes dementia or not, it evidently does harm to everyone. Either way, it has to be managed.