Best Hacks To Make Raising Twins Easier

Raising one baby can be tiresome, but raising two babies at the same time doubles the fun! Jokes aside, having… Read More

Best Hacks To Make Raising Twins Easier

Which option is better?

Raising one baby can be tiresome, but raising two babies at the same time doubles the fun! Jokes aside, having twins does come with specific challenges and might look scary at the beginning. But, with good organization and several hacks, you can have things working in your favor. Here are the best life hacks for an easier life with twins!

Don’t Be Too Obsessed with Schedule.

In the past, parents of twins were advised to teach their babies to do everything at the same time. If one baby naps, the other one also needs to take a nap, you feed them together, and so on. But, twins are two individuals that might enjoy different sleeping, feeding, and playing schedules. Trying to make both babies do their business simultaneously will only leave you frustrated when you fail. Respect babies’ needs and preferences. An overall bedtime and morning routine might help you but keep everything else

In the beginning, it might seem like a heavier path to take. But, after a while, you’ll get used to both your babies doing staff at their own pace. More importantly, you won’t beat yourself up when one sibling refuses to follow the other one.

Invest in Practical Baby Gear

Embrace the fact that you don’t have to do everything yourself, and that there are some practical, life-changing pieces of baby gear. You need to find them. Take your time to find a lightweight twin carrier, or experiment with two single carriers. Some moms find them simple to
operate but equally effective. Wagon strollers are more practical than standard side-by-side strollers because
you can comfortably push them on different terrains and pack more things.  Twin swings provide you a necessary
break and pack-n-plays, white noise machines, etc.


Do Things Online

Do whatever you can online and minimize the need to go into stores and crowds until your babies don’t grow up a bit. Nowadays, some services can deliver everything from food to diapers to your doorstep. You can pay all your bills online, too. Having two babies crying simultaneously in the supermarket will make you stress yourself out, so you better prevent those things from happening. Instead of taking your babies grocery shopping, go to the park or a family picnic.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Try not to fall under the pressure that you have to do everything alone. If your babies don’t sleep well, hire a sleep consultant to teach you some techniques. Order food if you cannot make it. Or, ask your friends and family to come along and take care of twins while you do errands, do laundry or finish whatever you have to do. Moreover, don’t be shy to ask for help even if you need someone to babysit twins while you take a long nap.

Separate the Cribs

Put cribs on the opposite sides of the room and use two white noise machines to block the noise. It might prevent one baby from waking
up the other in the middle of the night! As the babies grow, you can bring the cribs closer

Write Things Down

If you follow the advice from the beginning about raising two individuals, don’t keep everything in your head. You’ll start wondering
who ate and how much, whose diaper did you change, who had a rash, who didn’t sleep well last night, and so on. To prevent confusion, print a large chart and fill in the blanks as soon as you complete tasks. Some parents like to take notes on their phones, but you might not always be aware of the location of your phone. With all the mess that can happen, a phone is easy to get lost in twin items. Therefore, pin a large chart in your living room or on the fridge so you can write things down before you forget them.

Buy in Bulk

Keep a stack of diapers, baby cosmetics, baby food, baby clothes, but also things you need around the house. It might seem like an unnecessary piling up of things. But, when you are living with two babies, it is easy to forget some items. Also, don’t stress too much about whether each baby has its own wardrobe. Buying baby clothes in bulk saves you time! You also get a lot of options for mixing and matching cute baby outfits 

You Got This!


Don’t compare yourself with other parents.
Remember, you are doing the best you can and things will get easier as time passes! Do you have your hacks for living with twins? Please share them in the comment section! If you enjoyed the article, please give it a thumbs up!