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Baby Einsteins

(6 weeks to walking)

Parent partnerships begin in our infant suites – the Baby Einsteins –  where our dedicated caregivers partner with you to create an individualized care schedule for your little one.

Every aspect of your child’s care from sleep schedules to feeding routine is based on your preferences. We actively work with you to create an individualized routine suited to your baby’s preferences. This is our effort to make our program a home away from home.

Families enrolled in our Baby Einstein program can expect a nurturing, secure, and age-appropriate environment. Our classrooms maintain a ratio of 2 teachers to 8 infants to ensure that each one is given appropriate attention and care. 

In addition, our infant suites are carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing to feel like home. The whimsical atmosphere is enhanced by gentle, warm colors, music,  and tactile toys. There are also plenty of interactive spaces where your child can giggle at her reflection in the mirror or snuggle with a caregiver. 

We do everything we can to make your child comfortable in his/ her surroundings. 

Our teaching team truly considers caring for an infant to be a privilege and has great respect for the parent partnership. Our Baby Einstein teachers have received a degree or certifications in Early Childhood Education, CPR, First Aid, and Fire Safety, and at least 30 hours of personal development training. They see to it that they respond promptly to the child’s immediate needs and update parents as often as they can.

Daily written reports accurately summarize all feedings, diaper changes, rest periods, and activity interests. Parents are also encouraged to communicate through the Bright wheel app daily and check in whenever possible. They are also encouraged to take advantage of our Bright Wheel App.

Little Einsteins (walking to 24 months)

We understand that curious independent toddlers are growing rapidly and they need a safe environment that supports their development. 

In Little Einsteins, they are encouraged to participate in structured activities that are designed to stimulate the development of their gross, fine, and motor skills, speaking and listening skills, and early literacy skills – all through hands-on exploration and play!

A toddler’s Kido Day is structured to provide consistency but schedules are purposely designed to be flexible. Teachers adapt to activities and routines that respond to their needs and interests.

To document growth and development, teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child. Portfolio uses photographs, developmental checklists and work samples to provide a record of individual progress. Portfolios are stored in the classroom and are always available for you to view. 

We follow the same process of daily documentation reports: summary of all feedings, diaper changes, rest periods, and activity interests. 

Parents are still encouraged to communicate through the bright wheel app daily and check in  whenever possible.

Excellent Explorers

(2 years old)

Fact: There is no such thing as “Terrible Twos”. They are just little ones with big emotions.

When your child reaches his/ her second year in life, his/ her physical growth may slow down a bit but their emotions are developing at double speed. 

Thus, our programs at Excellent Explorers are designed to create a trustworthy environment for children so they will be encouraged to speak out, mingle with others, and express themselves. 

We are also focused on establishing value-based daily routines such as praying, eating a meal on a table with everyone, practicing consideration of others by falling in line, saying “Excuse me” and “I’m sorry” when needed.  

Our Excellent Explorers classroom support 2:20 teachers – students ratio. This is in accordance with state-mandated regulations. 

We also take safety and security seriously. All doors are secured with biometrics technology. You cannot get in if you are not authorized based on your fingerprints. Cameras are also installed inside the classrooms. Parents and teachers can access these cameras using a secured, private web portal.

Kidovations also use the Brightwheel App so parents can be updated on what’s happening to their child the moment they check in the school. Due to Covid-19, dropping in on parents is temporarily not allowed.

Smart Scholars (21/2 to 3 years old)

Your child is now entering the “age of imitation”. Our little one at this point becomes very observant and follows what adults around them say, wear, act and behave.

These and other developmental milestones such as:

  • Learning to share and make friends
  • Becoming more independent, bold, and adventurous
  • Speaking in a more “sentence-like” manner
  • Improved retention abilities  among others


This only means that they need extra supervision and good role models around them, too. This is what Kidovations delivers in our Smart Scholars classroom.

Our Smart Scholars classroom is lead by two teachers duly certified in early childhood education. They are experienced and skilled in preparing your child for preschool. 

We also make sure that your child is exposed to innervating activities meant to support his/her booming growth. We allow them to explore science concepts, sharpen their language and literacy skills, and engage in physical activities.

Security is still a big priority. All doors are equipped with biometrics technology. A camera that covers 360-degree angles is installed inside the classroom. These are accessible through a secured private portal for teachers and parents. 

 Due to Covid-19, dropping in on parents is temporarily not allowed.

Kido Quest

(3 to 4 years old)

Our preschoolers learn through a variety of hands-on learning experiences to support their development and growth. 

Our Kido Quest classrooms are available all day, encouraging children to be creative and have fun while working in small groups. Learning centers promote cooperation and allow children to make decisions about how they’d like to learn and play. 

Pre-school teachers maintain a portfolio for each child which tracks developmental progress using photographs, checklists, and work samples.

Portfolios are stored in the classroom with their alphabet books and other “work in progress”. These materials are always available for parents to review.

Pre- K Plus

Once your child is deemed “school ready”, he/she will now enter the Pre-K class. Pre-K students learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on learning experiences, all designed to advance their development and prepare them for kindergarten. 

Our Pre-K program goals are aligned with the state learning standard, ensuring that our curriculum builds the skills that children need for future academic success. 

Above all else, our teachers are responsive to children’s varying needs and abilities — which builds each child’s confidence and instills a love of learning. A trait that they will undoubtedly need once they enter kindergarten! 


We pick children up after school from Mill Creek, Mattie Lively, Sallie Z, and Brooklet and take them to the Kidovations facility for a few hours of more fun and learning. This way, you are at peace knowing that even if you can’t come to your child’s school on time to pick him or her up, someone’s got your back and your child is in a secured and fun environment… and of course, gets his or her homework done! 😉 


Dinosaurs! Mad Scientists! Space Rangers! Cook-offs! All these in one exciting summer fun! 

And no, you don’t have to travel far far away to let your child experience all these….

Let your child’s summer be productive, fun, and memorable only here at Kidovations Summertime Program!

Our Summertime programs are well known for being educational, entertaining, and one of a kind for children ages 4-12.

Every summer, children in Statesboro look forward to 8 weeks of delightful activities that tickles their imagination, boosts their self-esteem, allows them to make new friends and discover more about themselves and their surroundings.

This year is no exception! Check out our summer programs and activities below!


Sweet Feet Soccer Program

improve your child’s soccer skills, develop good sportsmanship, exercise and have fun with our Sweet Feet Soccer Program. Click the link above to learn more.

Learning Spanish at Kidovations

Do you want your child to learn Spanish? Teach them young (they learn better that way) through our Learn Spanish Curriculum.

Sign Language Fun at Kidovations

The amazing Ms. Elaine teaches sign language in such a fun way! Our children love learning with her. Your child will experience the same once he/she enrolls at Kidovations Educational Experience. 

Tumbling Classes at Kidovations

Let your child jump, skip, flip, stretch, somersault, and tumble with gusto!

Tumbling classes are great for children because it develops physical coordination, improves physical and mental awareness, and of course allows them to enjoy doing the sport along with other children.

For more information about our tumbling classes, you may click the bulleted link above.