Teaching Your Child to be Appreciative

If there’s anything that parents would want to know, it’s this: your child can be taught to be appreciative. The… Read More

Teaching Your Child to be Appreciative

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If there’s anything that parents would want to know, it’s this: your child can be taught to be appreciative. The attitudes of appreciation stem from genuine thankfulness and contentment, which help your child live their life joyfully when they’re already grownups.

Aside from providing superb child care in Statesboro Georgia, we also partner with you in honing the overall wellbeing of your precious one. We believe that knowledge without values is still worth nothing. In today’s generation where selfish wants are very much highlighted on, it’s relieving to know that you can still nurture appreciation in your family members.

While there are many challenges involving the ability to appreciate, we still observe and believe that the following tips can help:

  • Teach basic manners at home

    As parents, it’s your key responsibility to build up a well-mannered child at home. You can build a strong foundation with the basic manners of “thank you”, “excuse me”, and “please”. Aside from these words, teach them also how to share. This lesson can be challenging to achieve among toddlers, who are very independent at their age, but with consistency and right discipline, you can help your child see the benefits of sharing.

  • Work on being consistent

    If there’s one nemesis of discipline, it’s inconsistency. When you’re not consistent about what you teach your child, they will not take this seriously, and eventually, the values you want to impart will get compromised. Standing firm on what you believe is right can also require a level of sacrifice on your part, such as being gentle in using words and finding the right words to say.

  • Assign them chores at home

    With age-appropriate chores accompanied by your appreciation at the end of every successful attempt, your child can experience the joyful rewards of hard work. When they’ve exerted effort on an activity and they get to be praised for it, they not only learn to do it even more, but they also get to experience the value of being appreciated.

  • Strive to stay away from the consumerism attitude

    Have you noticed your child asking you for little things, no matter what these are, whenever you’re outside or doing grocery shopping? This is the subtle influence of consumerism when your child can eventually get something that doesn’t end up to be what they really need. They have to be taught that when they’re able to appreciate what they already have, all these other things will not that matter much.

In our childcare center in Georgia, we provide avenues and programs for children where they’re empowered to be a child with good foundations not just in life values but also in academic progress. Our highly trained teaching staff team assists your child in this learning journey so that you can build them up even more at home. If you wish to coordinate with us further about our other programs or the services we offer at Kidovations Educational Experience, don’t hesitate to submit your inquiries.