Infants (6 Weeks – Walking)

Parent partnerships begin in our Infant suites, where our dedicated caregivers partner with you to create an individualized care schedule for your little one. Every aspect of your child’s care, from sleep schedules to feeding routines, is based on your preferences in an effort to make our program your home away from home.

Families enrolled in our Infant suites can expect a nurturing, secure, and age-appropriate environment. In addition to being secure and clean, our Infant suites are carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and feel like home – we want your child to immediately feel comfortable in their surroundings. The whimsical atmosphere is enhanced by gentle warm, colors, music, mobiles, and tactile toys. There are also plenty of interactive spaces, where your child can giggle at her reflection in the mirror or snuggle with a caregiver.

Our teaching team truly considers caring for each infant to be a privilege and has great respect for the parent partnership. Our experienced, well-qualified caregivers work hard to develop an individualized routine that works well for each child, to respond promptly to the infants’ changing needs, and to keep parents informed every step of the way. Daily written reports accurately summarize all feedings, diaper changes, rest periods, and activity interests. Parents are also encouraged to call daily and visit whenever possible. We hope you’ll take advantage of our Tadpoles management software as well.

Toddlers (18-24 Months)

We understand that curious, independent toddlers are growing rapidly and need a safe environment that supports their development. Toddlers begin to participate in structured activities that are designed to encourage the development of their gross and fine motor skills, speaking and listening skills, and early literacy skills – all through hands-on exploration and play!

A toddler’s kido day is structured to provide consistency, but schedules are purposefully designed to be flexible. Teachers adapt activities and routines to respond to children’s needs and interests.

To document growth and development, teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child. Portfolios use photographs, developmental checklists and work samples to provide a record of individual progress. Portfolios are stored in the classroom and always available for parents to view.

Preschool (3-4 Year Olds)

Preschoolers learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to support their development and growth. Several different learning centers are available all day, encouraging children to be creative and have fun while working in small groups. Learning centers promote cooperation and allow children to make decisions about how they’d like to learn and play.

Preschool teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using photographs, checklists and work samples. Portfolios are stored in the classroom with their alphabet books, and other ‘work in progress’ — these materials are always available for parents to review.

Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 Year Olds)

Pre-K students learn through a variety of stimulating, hands-on experiences, all designed to advance their development and prepare them for kindergarten. Our Pre-K program goals are aligned with state learning standards, ensuring that our curriculum builds the skills that children need for future academic success. Above all else, our teachers are responsive to children’s varying needs and abilities, which builds each child’s confidence and instills a love of learning!

Teachers maintain an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress using photographs, checklists and work samples. Portfolios are stored in the classroom with their journals, alphabet books, and other ‘work in progress’ — these

Afterschool Program “Kido quest”

Have you found yourself wondering where you can take your school ager that is too young to stay home alone or too old to be included in a childcare program?

Kidovations provides before and after care for school age children in addition to programs for summer and school holidays. Our goal is to enrich our student’s day rather than replicate it.

Military Program

We would like to thank all our men & women serving & protecting our country. We are grateful for your service, dedication, sacrifice, and for defending our freedoms and way of life.

We recognize that you face unique challenges due to work schedules, relocation, and deployment. Choosing the right care and education for your child is an important decision. For this reason Kidovations has partnered with General Services Administration (GSA) for active duty members who do not live or work near a Child Development Center on an installation to offer assistance with childcare subsidies. Please contact childcare for more information.

Mildly Ill

Have you ever been at work only to receive that dreaded call from your child’s childcare program or school notifying you that your child is ill and need to be picked up immediately?

The Bearly sick space at Kidovations is a great comfort for ailing children and a godsend for you. Our goal is to provide much-needed support for you while you work. Anyone with a mildly ill child may bring them to us for professional care in a comfortable environment. Your child may stay for a few hours or a full day.

With parental consent, we will pick up your child from school or their childcare program and bring them to the Bearly sick program.

Generally our caregivers care for children with the following illnesses:

  • Fever of 102 or less
  • Diarrhea
  • Strep throat (on antibiotics)
  • Pink eye (on antibiotics)
  • Hands, foot, and mouth
Kido- To- Go

Imagine spending tons of hours planning this huge event only to have guest not attend because they had no childcare options. Kido – To – Go is here to solve that problem! We have professional and uniformed staff that will come to your event and entertain the children while the adults enjoy themselves.

Educational services are set up at your event with a plethora of activities for the children to do and all the necessary equipment needed to accommodate each age group’s needs.

Kido –To-Go is the perfect solution for Weddings, Family Reunions, Conferences, Private Parties etc. All of our staff has been fingerprinted, has first-aid and CPR, and childcare training hours.

We have a 1,200 sq ft facility we can staff for you in case the event that you are hosting doesn’t have a place for children, but you would still like to offer your guest childcare services.

We also rent out this space to small groups such as Orgami Owl, Park-lane, Mary Kay etc.

Get Your Date Night Back!

Ever wish that you could schedule a regular date night with your spouse or maybe a frequent girls night out with your friends? Everyone needs a date night to help keep your relationship healthy and refreshed. It can seem to be a little pricy to pull off by the time you add dinner, movie, and the babysitter that may or may not show up.

Kidovations now offers a Parent’s Night Out Program that is sure to be reliable and in your budget!

For the following low prices you will receive four “date nights” to use at your convenience anytime in a two month period any Friday or Saturday after 6 PM. Each ‘date night’ includes four hours of childcare as well as a pizza dinner for your children at a great savings!

  1. Child $80 for the package of four nights (a savings of $50)
  2. Children $120 for the package of four nights (a savings of $106)
  3. Children $160 for the package of four nights (a savings of $136)

The packages are prepay only, which means that you pay for the whole package in advance. You must use all four nights with in two months of purchase or the package expires.

Birthday Parties

When asking “where to have a birthday party” look no further than Kidovations! We know how to make a kids birthday party special, since we offer so many different types of kids’ fun and games, here at our location. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the party while we do all the set-up and clean-up.

Birthday Parties are $100

Each Party includes:

  • Invitations for your guests
  • Party time in your own room
  • Your own dedicated party host
  • Drinks for the party attendees in a Kidovations’s souvenir cup
  • Paper plates, cups, tablecloth & utensils
  • Gift for the birthday kid


Is Kidovations accredited?

Kidovations is in the self –study phase of National Accreditation by NECPA.NEPCA stands for the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation.

NECPA Accreditation is an important endeavor for a number of reasons. Primarily, the self-assessment process which involves parents, staff and program management encourages all to work together to reach for a higher level of quality. This teamwork, of course, ultimately benefits our children. Accreditation is a learning process, an improvement tool. Next, Accreditation helps parents locate high quality programs. Accreditation is also valuable recognition awarded to deserving programs that choose to set themselves apart from the rest.

Why does accreditation matter?

Accreditation is a voluntary, rigorous process that requires a program to meet and maintain high standards. The result of Accreditation is improved quality, both in the developmental program for young children and in the health and safety of the environment. Because the NECPA process involves the center management, teachers, and families, all growing as they reach for this higher level of quality, all benefit from the results.

More information about NECPA is available at

Our Facilities – Child Care in Statesboro, Georgia

You Have To See It To Believe It!

Young children are drawn to the spacious classrooms, huge outdoor playgrounds, high-quality furniture, and high-interest learning materials that combine to create the ultimate child-friendly environment.

Parents immediately appreciate our obvious commitment to safety; our secure facilities feature biometric entry systems, computerized check-in, and comprehensive video surveillance.

We understand that a well-designed environment supports children’s growth and development, affirms family’s expectations of high quality, and has a positive effect on teachers’ ability to implement our educational program. Our facilities are therefore designed with our mission in mind – providing the best, the safest, most innovative learning environment for our children.

Safety and Security at our Preschool in Georgia

Secure Biometric AccessOnce you enter our lobby, you’ll notice that the doors leading into our center are locked. Authorized parents and faculty simply place a finger on the biometric reader and they are granted access into the center.

Furniture: Child-Sized
For safety’s sake, children shouldn’t have to stand on tiptoe in order to reach a top shelf! We tailored the furniture differently for each age group (we have chairs as small as 6 inches tall). High quality activity tables, bookshelves, chairs, toilets, sinks – all are designed specifically for little hands and little bodies.