Key Guidelines for Preventing Your Child from Spreading Colds

As parents, you’re fully aware of how a simple cold can be a menace to the whole family, especially if… Read More

Key Guidelines for Preventing Your Child from Spreading Colds

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As parents, you’re fully aware of how a simple cold can be a menace to the whole family, especially if you have children at home. In addition, if your child is attending a preschool in Georgia, they might even bring the infection with them and affecting other children or other members of the family.

While colds come often during the cold season, it can also visit our home at any time of the year. Hence, it’s important to help our child and the whole family as well, in preventing the spread of cold whenever it has entered our abode. As a leading provider of child care in Statesboro Georgia, we would like to share these helpful tips on how diligent parents can protect their children from the spread of infection at home and outdoors.

  • Handwashing habit

    You must have heard this already, but it’s too important not to repeat. Infections are easily spread by the hands. Therefore, if we can keep our hands and our children’s as well, clean as much as possible, then we’ve helped prevented infectious illnesses such as colds from spreading. In washing the hands, use germ-fighting soap and water. When these are not available, especially if you’re outdoors, bring alcohol-based sanitizers to wash their hands off.

  • Cover when sneezing

    Remind your child to cover their mouth and nose when they’re going to sneeze. As some children are not yet old enough to do this on their own, try your best to immediately provide a cover when your child sneezes. A good cover helps keep the germs from reaching your hands and being spread through touching.

  • Disinfect important areas at home

    Use disinfecting sprays or wipes to clean the items or areas that can catch cold germs. These can be your child’s toys, tables, doorknobs, and anywhere that the hand frequently touches. However, don’t be too strict on this as keeping a home 100% infection-free is practically impossible to achieve. Just do your best in disinfecting important areas and items.

  • Use disposable items

    When your child is sick with cold, it’s best to use disposable items for them so that these will not easily spread to another family member. With disposable items, you can easily throw away items that they’ve been using while being confident that you’re reducing the spread of infectious illnesses.

  • Strengthen their immune system

    Once your child acquires cold, your next goal is to let them free of it as quickly as possible. Strengthen your child’s immune system by ensuring their vitamin C supplement, serving them with vitamin C rich foods, and helping them to sleep well. With a strong immune system, your child can easily recover from colds.

At Kidovations Educational Experience, we cheer for you on protecting your child’s health at home. We know that when they’re healthy and well, they can also better absorb the learning they can acquire in our childcare center in Georgia.