What Does Your Child Learn Every Day in Preschool?

Although the official start of a child’s educational journey is Kindergarten, preschool is where your little one can truly explore… Read More

What Does Your Child Learn Every Day in Preschool?

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Although the official start of a child’s educational journey is Kindergarten, preschool is where your little one can truly explore and get to know more about the world around them with the right guidance and encouragement. The quality of experience your little one gains in preschool can have a great impact on their early childhood growth. That is why it is important to find the right preschool for your child that will give them the environment where they can grow and provide them with the right tools to help them on their journey to success.

Kidovations Educational Experience is a preschool in Georgia that fosters your child’s unique skills and capabilities through well-crafted programs and a comfortable, enjoyable environment where they can learn and grow. We strive to provide quality education and reliable child care in Statesboro Georgia, with well-rounded programs that allow your little one to learn the following:

  • Counting Numbers

    Numbers and counting are taught through memorization activities and visual representation, to give preschoolers an easier grasp on the topic. They may be taught through songs, games, and pictures in which they would learn each number’s value.

  • Colors and Shapes

    Preschool is where your little one will be made familiar with basic shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles, and colors like red, blue, green, yellow, green, orange, and violet. Pictures, toys, and various objects in their surroundings will help in letting them associate what they learned with what they see around them.

  • The Alphabet, Phonetics, and Pronunciation

    Your little one will be taught the letters of the Alphabet, as well as phonetics, or how each letter sounds like, and how they should be pronounced in certain words. Preschoolers will actually be able to learn this topic in the entire duration of the class, through conversations with the teacher and students, as well as story-telling sessions.

  • Fine Motor Skills

    Preschool provides an environment where children can practice their finger strength, physical focus, and pincer grip. These fine motor skills can often be taught through arts and crafts, or sensory play using specially-designed toys.

  • Independence and Teamwork

    As your little one enters preschool, they will be practicing independence and learning to help and work with others. Because they are in an environment without their parent or guardian, they would learn to perform tasks on their own, as well as play or work well with other children.

  • Art and Creativity

    Preschool is a place that encourages and bolsters a child’s imagination and creativity. Your little one will be allowed to express themselves through drawing, coloring, sculpting, and other arts and crafts. Their works may even be displayed to show them appreciation.

Place your child in a preschool or childcare center in Georgia that provides a healthy, loving, and safe environment that is conducive for learning and overall development. Contact Kidovations Educational Experience today at 912-871-3366 to learn more about our child care and educational programs, and to start your little one’s path to success right.